1- Verlion’s Innovation Leadership

Verlion Pte Ltd Co-Chairs  “TII-BioAsia Innovation Conference with A*Star”
International Keynote Speakers, Innovation Enablers, Renowned Researchers and Start-ups come together for 5 days of discovery, brainstorming and networking, hosted by A*Star.


singapore article tii             TII’s 2015 Annual Conference in SINGAPORE, in collaboration with Bio-Asia

         “Innovating Innovation: exploring new ways for creation“.

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Why join TII?

TII members are promoting or providing high quality innovation support and technology transfer services to researchers, start-up and established firms, with the aim of knowledge exchange and economic development through innovation.

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2- Verlion on  Important World Events

in International Finance

Three Reasons Why China Must Liberalize

the Financial Sector

– and Three Reasons Why Not

Maggie Gorse – ©  Verlion 2014
(Published February 2014, Tongji University Website in English,   Revised version published in “People’s Daily” Beijing in Mandarin)

“The past two years have intensified the need for China to develop the RMB into a strong and global currency. With high levels of reserves and exports, several recent events in the international financial markets have pushed China’s RMB policy to the edge of a financial precipice.

On the one hand, several factors are compelling China to position the RMB as a world currency. The massive foreign currency reserves held by the country have been hard earned over the last 30 years of economic acceleration. This amassing of national wealth risks losing value if it is not invested wisely…”

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Daily China Article – February 24th, 2014


Using Innovation to Drive Profitability – 08/16/2014 – Bizweek 8th edition

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